Do you only do weddings?
We are experienced in both weddings and special events. From large weddings in Downtown Chicago to an Anniversary Party on the North Shore, we are able to accommodate just about anything when it comes to a good old fashioned party! 

Do you offer Event Planning & Coordination Services?
Yes! Our main priority if that your event is nothing but stress free, from beginning to end. We find that having an event coordinator helps ease in some of the chaos that can occur in the months and days leading up to an important event. As your floral designer, we already have a good feel for your style, vision and the overall way you would like your special day to unfold. With that prior knowledge, we find that we are able to help seamlessly execute your day of event coordination as well as implementing your vision leading up to that day. It also doesn’t hurt that we do this all of the time, so we’re prepared for the little things that may come up.

If I hire you as my Floral Designer, do I have to hire you as my Event Coordinator, and vice versa?
Absolutely not! Our main goal is for you to feel happy and confident with the choices you are making, and would never make you feel obligated to work with us in both capacities. 

Where do you receive your product from?
We receive flowers from all over the world, including Holland and South America. Being based out of Chicago, sometimes our local option are more limited due to weather. However, during the summer months, we source as much of our product as locally as we can. 

Do you have a shop or event space?
We are currently operating out of a private space, by appointment only. We are located in Highland Park, just 25 minutes North of Chicago.

Do you do Weddings/Events in Chicago?
Yes! We are happy to take on events downtown, and have experience with many venues in the city!

How do you price your events?
Every event is special. Therefore, every events pricing is unique. There are a lot of variable that go into the pricing for a wedding or special event. Those things range from everything to how large your bridal party is, to what type of flowers you might be using, and are those flowers in season? In order to maintain the quality of our work, and manage expectations, we like to sit down with our clients in person and discuss their vision and the details of their special event. Based on that meeting, we can provide a personalized quote.

In some instances, especially for smaller events, we may be able to provide you with rough pricing via an e-mail or phone conversation. We know sometimes you may be out of town, and we strive to accommodate all of our clients in the best way that we can!

Do you have a pricing minimum?
Nope! We currently do not require a minimum to take on an events or weddings, but we currently do not offer single arrangement deliveries.