Well- per usual it’s been a while. We’ve had a crazy couple of months sine the last post. Our seedlings have now turned into mature plants, and we have been spending the Summer months tending to them, learning, cursing bugs and critters, and loving our time out in the sunshine! It has been a year for patience, that’s for sure. We grow in zone 5b, and as most of you probably know, it was the wettest Spring in our region since they started recording the weather. YEP, SINCE FOREVER! Needless to say, it was wet, and a tough year to expand our growing space.

However, despite our trials and tribulations, we have managed to pump out some really gorgeous stuff. We’re the most excited about the Dahlias! I think every person who grows has a crush on at least one particular flower. For us, that is above and beyond the Dahlias. Every single bloom that opens gives me endless joy, and I am constantly checking the garden to see what else is about to pop open. This year we are growing 56 varieties, and testing out tubers from several different growers to see what our soil likes best. So far, it’s Oregon for the win! Swan Island Dahlias have not disappointed, and seem to love their home here. By far our biggest challenge have been the Sweet Peas. They are our labor of love to say the very least. They seem to be true Diva’s when it comes to growing conditions, they like things to be jussssst right.

All in all, it’s been a good half a year. Nothing is ever perfect, and if it was, you wouldn’t learn anything along the way. We are so grateful for our CSA bouquet members, who have put their trust in us to provide them with beautiful bouquets every week. Now, as Fall approaches. we’ll begin to wind down in the garden and focus on our Wedding work. September and October always seems to be busy months for us when it comes to events. I must say, it’s usually an absolutely gorgeous time of year to be in the flower business. I’ll try and be more timely with the nest post, but I’m not making any promises! Enjoy what’s left of Summer everyone!

-The Flower House Crew