WELCOME TO The Flower House

I’m just crazy about flowers! My devotion to flowers started at a young age, loving the outdoors and being absolutely fascinated with the different types of blooms, and the way a landscape can come together. Always airing on the creative side, I let my ideas wander into things like culinary arts and other creative outlets through my younger years, until finally finding my way back to flowers. It was at that point I decided that now was my time, and dove head first into the world of flower design. I started at The Flower School of Chicago, learning the basics, and from there, bothered every flower shop owner I could until someone finally gave me a job. I landed at FlowersFlowers in Evanston, where I was lucky enough to be taught by two amazing designers, and go from beginner to professional. Focusing on a more European design style, I developed a passion for unique blooms and high quality flowers. I carry those lessons into every design I create, and I am constantly striving to improve and learn more. 



While weddings have always been a specialty of mine, I really consider them to be more of of passion. Being a part of the most special day in my client's lives is an honor and I bring tremendous dedication to creating a beautiful setting for them to remember for the rest of their lives. Because each wedding is unique, so are my designs. We will sit down to pour over all the details of your wedding to ensure that your flowers leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.


Elevating your event to the next level can be challenging, but if one thing is for sure, it's that atmosphere at your event is what makes an impact on each and every one of your attendees. Helping to build that memorable atmosphere is something that truly excites me. If you are looking for that perfect finishing touch for your event, you've come to right place. 




Everyone knows that there is no surprise quite like getting some beautiful flowers from a friend, family member or loved one, and an arrangement from The Flower House is sure to really wow that special person in your life. All of my arrangements are custom tailored to the tastes of the recipient, so that they will truly cherish your thoughtful gift.